After years of denial, anger and bargaining, I'm realising that some of the damaging behaviour I experienced in my early career, wasn't ok at all. By laughing it off, how much responsibility should I take for normalising sexual harassment? "Suddenly my uniform of mini skirts and vintage boots didn't seem wildly inappropriate, I was amongst my own, or so I thought." From Fleet Street to Soho When I graduated from Law School in the early 2000s, I was completely lost. I'd spent


Is it self sabotage thats holding me back on my quest for a new life; or are my kids just trying to ruin my life? Did I really just send a potential employer a picture of my son's first poo in a potty? This and many other awkward questions, answered here In control...of nothing This is a picture of me, dressed and on my way to an interview. As a friend who saw the picture commented 'you look totally in control' - heres the thing, I was so very much not in control. I had just