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Shades of red

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Just call me Miss Scarlet.

Jacket and boots by Zara

Not green after all

So I've noticed this weird thing in my house, where I'm clearly a bit obsessed by red. I wasn't aware of it, until I started taking photo's for this blog; and like the proverbial bad penny, red just kept appearing. My bag of the moment. My 'I can cope with anything' lipstick. The dressing table that is my sacred space, my confidante and partner in crime. I've always thought that my favourite colour was green (inspired by my most prized and favoured Acne leather jacket, obvs), but after a multitude of non-accidental red purchases, its suddenly starting to come together. I'm a Miss Scarlet.

"After a multitude of non-accidental red purchases, its suddenly starting to come together. I'm a Miss Scarlet"

Miss Scarlet knows nothing

So, what relevance does this have to anything? I've always had a theory that the colours you wear or love, say something about who you are. For me, green was about quirk, uniqueness, humility - it could be by turns chic, fresh and unexpected. Green was different, less obvious somehow, than red. Red was attention seeking, the colour of middle aged sports cars and lipstick queens. But the truth is, I'm realising that my preconceptions and strange little notions of self, have mostly been off. I'm clearly attracted to red, and like the other things in my life that I have been trying to suppress or deny, it's not about what that looks or seems like to other people. Its about me, just being an individual. I can be whoever I want to be - because we can't always carefully curate the way we or other people see us (she says rather ironically as she writes her blog accompanied by her edit of images). Sometimes we just are. So, I'm embracing my lady in red status, and actually I rather like it. Red is the colour of confidence, the colour of suffragette lips as they march against tyranny, red is hope and rescue, in fact red can be pretty much anything you want it to be. Just like me.

Raindrops on roses

And these are a few of my favourite (red) things.

My dressing table; my refuge

My bag of now

My favourite jumper

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